Christy Rood

Christy Rood is a web, content, and copywriter who amplifies the voices of organizations that struggle to be heard.

She earned her degree in Music Education, and has taught in K-12 public schools, and in her private piano studio for 20 years. 

She has been blogging personally for years, and in 2020, she wrote a book, which was published by GCD publications. 

Along with creating a scope and sequence, developing curriculum, and writing educational grants for her classroom, she has had several articles published in online publications. 

Her experience as an educator makes her uniquely capable of taking complex ideas and presenting them to any audience, making them want to learn more. Her natural curiosity drives her to carefully excavate the unique stories of the organizations she works with. And her creativity helps craft and propel those stories with a magnetism that resonates with potential customers. 

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