The only identity that matters is the one God gave me -- Created, Redeemed, Beloved Child of God. But I'm sure you'd like to know more about me. I am a mother of two teen boys and two tween girls, a wife for 22 years, a music teacher, and of course, a writer. I lived in Seattle for fifteen years, but in 2018 moved to the Raleigh, NC area. 
Like most of you, my quest for a rooted, firm identity in Christ began as a young child, long before I had the vocabulary for it. I remember the internal battles that took place from an early age - desiring to please, longing to be accepted, but unsure of who I was at the core. As a young adult, I took a few faltering steps away from my need for external validation when I exited my religious tribe, but I had no idea how far I still had to travel down that road. 
In 2003, my husband and I left the familiar comfort of knowing and being known on the East Coast, and set out for Seattle to plant a church. We had visions and dreams of bringing the light of the Gospel to a dark culture, but were not expecting God to work more change in us than he did through us. For me, the experience of being a pastor's wife did a number on my tendency to define myself based on external validation. I quickly realized, after starting our church, that I had to find a new way of being that didn't depend on people's opinions of me. It took awhile to get there, but God taught me that the only way I could live authentically, confidently, lovingly, and humbly was to be absolutely sure of my identity in Christ. 
In my years of ministry, I taught so frequently on this subject, I decided to write a book about it. The book's title is Tracing the Thread, and in it, I examine the letters, words, and paragraphs that make up your story, with a particular focus on the story that was written for you - the years of identity development over which you had no control. I invite you to discover what God believes about you, and learn how to overlay those beliefs onto your story.
The book will be available March 31, 2020. While you wait, click on over to my blog which includes articles and posts not in the book. Please offer your feedback on blog posts! I'd love to hear from you.