In Christ, Not in Church

I was twenty three, and driving to church in my gold Saturn one Sunday with my radio turned all the way up. I have no idea which tune was rocking on my cheap stereo, but I was enjoying the fresh spring air with my windows down. As I approached the church parking lot, I instinctively reached for the radio dial, intent on turning off the music which some of the old timers would deem offensive. But instead of following my normal pattern of conformity and people pleasing, I decid

Out, In, or Up

We are a culture obsessed with #identity. There is an unquestioned belief these days that discovering our truest identity and then living it out is the key to happiness. Whereas the boomer generation venerated self-sacrifice, and gen-x’ers exalted self-indulgence, this generation is all about self-expression. Free of the societal limitations of yesteryear, we try out identities like shoes to see which one fits best, and then we spend our lives trying hard to “be ourselves.” I

What's in a Name?

When we were deciding on names for our four children, we consulted name lists online and in books, wrote down our favorites, and argued over them for weeks and months. When we finally settled on a name, people always asked me, “Why did you pick that name? Does it have a special meaning?” Sheepishly, I replied, “No, we just like the way it sounds.” (We actually got the name of one of our kids from a contestant on the show Survivor.) Names are funny things, though. With time, o