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FMF Link-up :: Turn*

“Wait your turn!” I plead to my children whose greedy beady eyes fixate, their bodies bump and press in, their vulture hands hover near the plate, the toy, the controller. When they were very young, sometimes I’d set the timer to alleviate the incessant, “When’s it my turn?”

Now that they are older, the question doesn’t get asked as much – perhaps they’ve learned to be more patient, but perhaps it is still as urgent as ever, just hiding beneath a veneer of maturity and politeness.

I’ve wondered the same thing, if I’m honest. Oh, I’m too self-conscious to blurt it out when a friend gets a promotion, or a new house, or a book deal. But in the privacy of my prayers, it seeps out. “God, when is it going to be my turn?”

God is blessedly more patient with me than I am with my kids. He listens to my quiet complaints, and reminds me that I am already enjoying my “turn.” When I stop comparing my story to someone else’s, I see how my life is heaped full of goodness. “Lord, turn my gaze to the Giver today.”

*This post is part of the Five Minute Friday blog link-up.

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