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Identity: Social Fad or Eternal Truth

Excerpt from Tracing the Thread: Examining the Story of Self for Lasting Change

The word identity has all but run its course in our culture of ever-changing trends. The idea that identity is created and asserted by the individual has seeped unnoticed into the collective consciousness of an entire generation. Most of us can’t remember a time when the individual was not the focal point - a time when self-sacrifice was nobler than self-expression; when the community defined the individual, and not the other way around; when the question was “How can I contribute?” rather than “How can I be noticed?” It has now faded into the wallpaper of our shared psyche that the gate to a happy life can only be unlocked by figuring out who you are and then asserting and staying true to yourself. We have been raised to believe in the value of the individual above all else, and we have taken this notion to its logical conclusion: tolerance for almost any form of identity expression, no matter how far outside the norm.

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