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Tackling a WordPress web project

A friend of mine recently contacted me about her website. "Help!" was the message I got loud and clear. She has an interior design/furniture restoration business and had already done the work of starting her website, but the tech challenges of updating it with recent pictures and posts was daunting. Having never used WordPress before, my immediate answer was, "Of course I can help!" How hard could it be, right?

If you've used WordPress before, you understand how user-unfriendly it is. I spent many frustrating hours looking up "how-to" videos on YouTube to get her menu to cooperate, and the interface to look professional. In the end, I think the project turned out great, and I was genuinely happy to get the opportunity to gain experience with WordPress. Here are some screen shots from the project, but go check it out for yourself! (And if you're a Connecticut local, you should hire Jessica!)

As you can see, I was finally able to figure out the menu (it was designed wrong to begin with, so I had to fix it).

Each of the projects got their own page, complete with pictures and text.

If you're struggling with getting your website looking clean and tidy, I can ease your stress!

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