I love sharing with others what God has taught me. I have taught on a host of topics through the years, but I'm most passionate about helping believers experience freedom through resting in their God-given identities. I will tailor my teaching to the needs of your group, but below are some sample topics.

General Identity in Christ

This teaching offers Christians a counter-cultural, Gospel-centered approach to identity. It begins with a reminder of who we were created to be, what went wrong at the Fall, and how Jesus makes it possible to return to our created glory. There will be discussion of the lies sown into the words, paragraphs, and chapters of our story, and the biblical truths that can, when applied, eradicate those false beliefs. It will end with a vision for the liberating joy that comes with aligning our beliefs with God's, and the passionate use of our gifts fueled by identity in Christ.


Parenting with Identity in Mind

This teaching will offer a view of God as our parent, and how we can imitate his gracious love with our children. It will explore the cultural shifts in parenting through the decades, and how we, as Christians are not immune to their influence. Using the three cradles of identity lies as a guide, we will discuss the importance of loving our children with our heavenly Father's agape love, guiding them to healthy involvement in tribes, and refuting damaging cultural identity messaging. We will end by envisioning the flourishing adults our children could become when we plant, nurture, and water their souls along the way.


Serving from Identity

This would be an excellent volunteer training session. It will use Paul's letter to the Ephesians as the template for the use of our spiritual gifts with a firm grounding in identity first. Just as Paul took the first three chapters of his epistle to lay the foundation of identity, we will take the time to remind us who we are before diving into what we are to do. We will lay out the potential consequences of serving without knowing who we are, as well as the joys of serving out of the overflow of what Christ has done for us.