Are you incapacitated by self-doubt? Haunted by the critique of your parents, teachers, coaches, or peers? Working hard to prove you are something or not something else? Are you exhausted by the effort to keep up with friends who seem more successful, more popular, more put together? Does the “Be whoever you want to be?” mantra fill you with anxiety rather than empowerment?


What remedies have you tried to bolster your confidence or quell your anxiety? Supportive friend groups? Exercise? Church Bible studies? Social justice causes? Maybe you’ve tried quitting your high-stress job or getting off social media. My guess is these remedies worked for a while, but the nagging self-commentary was never fully extinguished and could be set ablaze again with one bad decision.


The reason many of us do not experience freedom from self is that we never pulled up the weeds by their roots. What are those roots? Identity lies.


All of us carry around identity lies sown into the letters, words, paragraphs, and pages of our stories. If we do not reread those stories to uncover the lies, and then replace them with the truth about who we really are, we will likely never be free of self.


This book will help you to name the lies you believe about yourself that are keeping you from self-acceptance, self-forgetfulness, and freedom. It will guide you back into three aspects of your story—the parental love you received, the tribes you belonged to, and the external messages you internalized—to unearth the source of those lies, and it will give you the trowel of truth necessary to dig up the weeds. 


Coming April 7, 2020 from GCD Books

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